Wyzed Up: Follow Up on the Wyze System after a Month

It’s been about two months since I purchased the Wyze Camera’s, and just had my second issue with them while we were away… given, this was a user error, and completely unrelated to the cameras themselves. While we were away on vacation, I had setup the cameras in a few spots, having ordered outdoor enclosures off of Amazon to be able to put them above the garage, and on the front porch. The issue that I experienced was with the the one on the garage, and this was more of an issue with the garage itself and where the power outlets are – I had to run an extension cord as a temporary solution. While the cord is off the ground, there is a small gap in the side of the door where water could potentially get in still… I think you can see where this is going… and if you can’t, I’ll spell it out for you. The power supply took on a little bit of water in a mini monsoon that hit while we were on our way home, and poof. That was it.

Now, this didn’t harm the camera, and I was able to take another 5v 1a power supply, plug it in, and it was good to go. Something else I tried was enabling the XNOR.AI person detection feature while we were away, and I can say that it definitely helped with triggering the event notifications on the cameras falsely. When I’d peek at my phone in the evening, it was no longer tripping when one of the neighbors cats decided to run through our driveway, or a shadow from a cloud was projected on the driveway, which cut down on all of the notifications that I normally would receive during a day.

For the $20 a pop price point, you really cannot go wrong with these devices, and with their expansion into light bulbs, and now plugs, I’m excited to see what the future holds for this company. I would really like to see them hold out as an independent company functioning on the model that they’re currently using, as it seems to really be working for them. Hopefully with the expansion into new products, they’ll be able to maintain the quality that they’re putting out, a fantastic UI with setup and configuration, and most of all, their price point. If they can keep this, they’ll become one of the dominant forces in the smart home market.


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