January VHF 2020

Well… I can’t say that I’m prepared for next weekend’s contest, but I’m sure a step ahead of where I normally am. While I briefly disassembled the antenna stack to do a little better spacing of the antenna’s, that will go back together as it’s being installed on the roof next Friday Afternoon.

Bands that will be operated this January will be pretty much the usual 50-2304, the only additions from September’s contest will be the integration of SSB on 1296, and (maybe) 2304 if I get around to finding/getting a few small SMA jumpers to allow this. I’ve spent the better part of today working through a few bugs, and making new, heavier duty cables for antenna runs. In addition, I have an Icom 9100 on loan for the contest to add that 1296 SSB capability, so I was getting that configured for WSJT-X.

Logging will be transitioning over to N1MM+, though I will still be using the MacBook Pro for logging. How am I accomplishing this? Utilizing CodeWeavers CrossOver software. I’d been attempting to get this to run nicely in WINE forever with no such luck as I just don’t have the knowledge of the software, nor have I really had the time to sit down with it. This made the software package as easy to install as it is on a Windows computer. I may try this with N3FJP, and HRD down the line, but this is easy and free for the moment.

As much as I HATE to continue to be there, I’ll have WSJT-X Running FT-8, and if anybody is using it, FT-4 to try to catch any openings to the distant grids. I appreciate the multipliers, I just don’t appreciate the boredom that is the digital modes during a contest.

As far as grids and locations for the Rover Run, I’m really not sure what to say yet. There’s the trusty old FN02/03/12/13 run which if it boils down to it will likely be the entirety of my trip, I had other plans, but the long distance forecast is kind of keeping me away from committing too much to those. It will be a Friday evening before/morning of the contest decision as to where I wind up deciding to go. Fingers crossed we can get a good run in though!



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