There Will be a Silver Lining

Ladies and Gentlemen, I want to touch on something that is being completely ignored here… the positives that will come out of this state of emergency that we are currently in. We’re locked down, yes, however, we’re adapting, and learning. Not just how to handle a tough situation, but that there are numerous people that can, in fact, work from home. Schools have software licenses that up until now, they’ve never known how to use to their full potential. We the people are learning that no, we don’t need everything open 24/7. If we’re mildly prepared, we can deal with stores, and restaurants that actually close. For those of us that have to still trek into work every day, we’re learning to practice caution in what we’re doing, even if we’re not at risk, we may be around other that are constantly. For those at home, you’re getting an unprecedented amount of family time. Everybody needs to take one step back, take a deep breath, and realize that this is just another day, and that soon enough, we can get back to normal.

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