Will You Learn Technology Finally??

I had a local radio show on, as I normally do when I’m at work in the morning, and the topic that they were discussing was actually something I’ve been considering over the last couple of days – How are those out there with no concept of how a lot of different technologies work getting along? With NY businesses requiring that 100% of non-essential work must be done from home, people that have no fundamental grasp on how their devices work are now being expected to get themselves setup to work from home. Sure, their IT Departments can likely provide some assistance via phone, but there are some basics such as: Wi-Fi Access Point setup, improving coverage in their homes, setting up a workstation – I know a lot of jobs are done using dual, or even multiple monitors. These are things that seem straightforward to a lot of us, but I know a lot of people my own age that just have no clue how the modern basics work.

In all honesty with all of the tools out there such as guided setup utilities, and the endless resources out there that can be accessed via phone, or internet from a smartphone (if home internet is your problem), the only reason you wouldn’t be able to learn a lot of these is just lack of caring. This leads me to the question I want to ask though, are people going to come out of this with a better understanding of how these day-to-day technological utilities function? Are they going to sit down and listen to a setup or troubleshooting tutorial? Are they going to preemptively learn how they can fix something that there is a chance of having go down?

I’ll admit that my faith in humanity is… well… let me put it this way, when I’m driving, I religiously look both ways at a roundabout with no crosswalks… but, I think that there is some merit to the concept that people are going to be forced into situations over the next couple of months where they can’t just have someone come over and fix their problem for them. Sure, a lot of us may take some phone calls to help them through it one or two times, but they’ll likely take notes on how to fix whatever the problem is, and after a couple of times, it becomes muscle memory.

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