Building a New PC – But what to do??

I recently got the bug to build a new computer, but I’m torn on a couple of aspects here – what to do for a processor being the big one, and that will push the second piece, which is whether to pick up the ASUS ROG Motherboard, or go towards MSI. The ASUS boards traditionally support Intel processors, however they do have some AMD Ryzen support, but which chipset is best going to suit my needs is the question. AMD has a processor with the speed equivalent of an Intel i7 at the price of an i5, and I’ve had good luck with AMD processors in the past, so that’s pushing me towards the AMD, and MSI coupling.

Looking for some input – I would like to be able to do some gaming here and there, but it’s not my primary purpose of this computer. 4k Video isn’t key, I’m perfectly content with my 720p monitor at the moment, and unless I get a good deal on something, I don’t see that changing – so, I’m not really looking at a secondary GPU at the moment. I believe DDR4 memory is pretty standard anymore, so looking at adding about 8-16gb to give it some real horsepower compared to what I have now.

I have an existing (actually a couple) case that I’ll use from an old (get ready for it) Pentium 4 computer I ran… believe it or not, the thing still runs Ubuntu really nicely, but I think it’s time to parts it.

Lastly, I can’t believe I’m going to push this, but I would really like to still have physical media support – CD/DVD (maybe Blu-Ray). I would like to turn my existing PC into server storage, therefore I want the ability to rip from this machine, and store on the network drive. I get that external drives are a thing, trust me, I’ve taken my fair share of jabs over the last couple of years as physical media has died off, but I would like to keep everything in the case if I can.


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