April Showers


My goal with this, is to spend the next couple of weeks taking one photo, and simply getting it right where I want it on the shot – no settling, and no fixing in editing software. This is two fold, I haven’t made the jump to renew my Adobe CC subscription.

I was looking to get out earlier when there was still some more light, but was busy with some other things today – I had some bananas that were ether becoming bread today, or they were hitting the compost pile, and a fish tank that needed cleaning a month ago, so of course it was pretty much my last chance when I finally bolted out with the camera and got a few shots..

It really is amazing how sometimes it takes over 100 photos before you actually get one remotely the way that you want it, the background blurred just right, the center of your image at just the right focus point, the shutter speed in just the right place. Today, I was focused on the rain droplets.. One, out of 75 pictures came remotely close to where I wanted it.


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