Is It Time for Vacation Mode Yet??

Boston Over the Harbor; March, 2020

I actually find it kind of funny looking at some photos from earlier this year, especially in this timeframe – I took this photo in March on a trip to Boston, just as everything was beginning to shut down. You could see the way things were headed before we left, but it wasn’t quite to a crazy point yet. As we were driving down I-90 E Friday Morning, I’d get through a Podcast episode, quickly listen to a minute of the news, and something new was cancelled, or closed, and by the time we hit the City, a state of emergency was declared.

This was the weekend preceding St. Paddy’s Day actually, and we just wanted to enjoy it in Boston for something different.

We were about to go out to eat and everything still, but everywhere had capacities reduced to 50%, hours reduced significantly, etc.

We went into a bar that was around the corner from our hotel, and there were only a dozen of us in there, and I asked the bartender how it compared to normal, and he said any other weekend they’d be packed, and St. Paddy’s Day weekend there’s usually a line to get in, and they can’t keep the taps full.

I spent that entire weekend seemingly being lectured on Social Media any time I’d post a picture.

Every point on the Freedom Trail was shut down, but there were still some places to go, than things to do.

Why am I writing this?

I’m thinking about my next vacation, which is only three weeks away, but if the Canadian Border stays closed, I need to decide what to do instead, because I still want that time off!




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