A Little Fall Photography

I stated last week that I’ve just been in a slump for writing, and I’m still there. Not many electronics projects to write about at the moment, and we have a few months until the next contest I’ll participate in.

With that being said, I’ve been trying to get out and enjoy the last couple of weeks of comfortable running weather here and there amongst the gym days, and integrate some photography into that as well. I took two yesterday that I just found fantastic, and after a little editing have something that I’m very happy with. I’m considering offering the occasional print (or digital download) through Carlson Media Solutions as well, and these two (watermark free) would definitely make their way onto the list.

While the upper image could use a little bit of a clarity enhancement, I like the way the color just pops.

DeWitt Park October, 2020
DeWitt Park October, 2020

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