New Content?

I’ve been trying to think of some new content to add here – I know it’s typically been a lot of electronics/radio, with some photography trickled in, but I’ve been pretty busy lately, and haven’t really had too much time to write… I even had that last post queued, but never scheduled a posting time! The last two weeks have been really filled with a CPT class I decided to start. BS, and MBA, why get a certification for something like that you may ask?

Well, in 2019, after having taken a 7-3 desk job I decided that I needed to keep myself active. My previous position had kept me on my feet running around all day, however the move to the new position was wedging me into a pretty sedentary lifestyle, and I wasn’t happy with that. Having hobbies like Radio, and Gaming for most of the year don’t keep you as active as the Hunting, and Fishing when those seasons are open. So I started hitting the gym 5 days a week at 4am before work, and odd times on the weekend. This was keeping me right where I wanted to be activity wise, and while 2020 saw a few month closure of gyms, and I started running, and biking more (even completing a full ride from Rochester to Buffalo along the Erie Canal!), however I decided that this was something that I’d like to help other people get into on the side.

Anyway, as time goes on, I’m sure that I’ll find some new content to add – maybe some short videos when I make a long run, or long ride again? I have a 100mi, and 60mi ride planned, (with a new Giant Contend 3 bike enroute to complete those rides on!) as well as a half, and full marathon set for summer as well. This could be a good use for my 4k body cam!

And yes, there’ll be a few new radio type posts as well, those just may be a little more sparse in their occurrences. If I ever remember to get it ordered since it’s been in my DXE shopping cart forever, I’ll have what I like to refer to as my ‘uber-late review’ of the Yaesu FT-3 (I sold the FT70, and CS580 back in the fall) where I’ll write a user review way late to the party – the thing has been out well over a year now.


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