June 2021 Mast Captures

This June contest I decided to add a camera to the top of my antenna mast – I had a mixed result with this. I was really hoping to use this to capture some of the scenic shots in areas where I tend to stop, but didn’t have very much luck. The reason for this was entirely my fault, I tried to wire the battery pack I used so that when the vehicle started, it would charge for the duration it was running. I didn’t think about the fact that every time there would be some type of power interruption the camera would reboot, and wouldn’t necessarily start recording again right away. In fact, in looking at the videos that are here, the only time that the camera was recording was when I had the power pack unplugged, and was using the open USB port to charge my phone.

Additionally, the date/time stamp on the images are inconsistent as I did not let the camera establish a connection to the server, and sync the correct date and time before heading out, and then allow it to constantly record.

Oh well, live and learn. Next time I’ll remember to charge the battery fully before setup, and should have more than enough to run the full contest without batting an eye.


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