Encroaching on 100 Posts!

I was looking through my stats and realized that I’m hovering close to 100 posts – in fact by the time this goes live, I may have crossed that number by a little bit. In this time I’ve gained quite a few followers, so I thought I’d take a post to reintroduce myself! I’m Ken, and on this site I write about hobbies that I enjoy, predominantly those that are tech related such as Ham Radio, my call is K2ET (hence the domain), photography (both Digital and Analog), and the occasional one offs on Gaming, Computers, Phones, Fitness, etc.. Mostly if something piques my interest, I’ll write something about it in one way or another. Typically I’m writing days, or weeks out of when these will post based on the time that I have available, the date of an event, or if I’m just in a writing mood – for example, this is slated to come out mid-July, but I’m actually writing it on the evening of June 21st. The reason I say that I may cross 100 is that I’ll often times add in additional posts to release before some of the automated ones.

I’m not an expert on anything remotely, however because I have a tendency to be an early adopter of things I find interesting, so I like to use this platform to piece together information that I’m frequently asked after I’ve purchased and used something for a little while to provide one centralized (and hopefully correct and helpful) answer. I also just like to share the little things that I’ve learned within these different disciplines either through trial and error, or just plain error with the hopes that it may help someone down the line. If you ever have any questions about something I post, or if something seems blatantly incorrect, please reach out to me via the contact button up top, or via a Twitter DM.

Feel free to give a follow on my newly recreated Twitter: @K2ET_WNY, or on the WordPress Reader to stay up to date with the latest postings!


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