13.1, ready for 26.2

In December of 2019 my cousin sent me a text out of the blue asking if I’d want to run a marathon with her – I contemplated for a little bit, but then decided that since I’m a crazy individual, I’d give it a shot. 2020 happened, and the race was turned virtual – I didn’t want to participate that way, I was in it for the group event, and the steak dinner at the end! So, I deferred my registration to 2021, and low and behold, the event actually happened! My training routine was a little inconsistent, but it really came together in the last two months – alternating about two days of strength training, two days of running (between 3.5 and 5 miles), and three days of rest.

Running a 5k on the Friday before the half on Sunday was a pretty good idea in my opinion, too – I do think that new shoes are in the cards pretty soon though. I’ve really come to love the Xero barefoot form factor, but I’m not sure that I can continue to use them for such extended distances..

With a time of just over 1:58, I’m actually really excited to go another round in a few months!


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