Bottling update!

Well I got the Chardonnay bottled tonight – wound up with two cases and change out of the bucket. The last bit on the bottom was an odd mixture of residual yeast, and washed off oak char from the chips used. The color cleaned up a little bit, but it can definitely due with a couple of weeks in the conditioning corner.

Great flavor, and I’m very happy how my second wine came out!

Chardonnay after clarification
Conditioning Corner – Rhubarb on the left, Chardonnay on the right

I do think I’m going to take a couple weeks break from this though – I’ve had at least one thing fermenting since the beginning of August. There were a few flops in there that went right down the drain, and a few good ones for sure. Like I said previously though – we’ve got some interesting ideas coming up, so stay tuned, because Mid-October it’s time to start fermenting the Apples!

A pause at the fermentation corner

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