Opening Weekend!

The best time of the year is finally here… no, it’s not a contest, a specialty drink, iPhone release (though I guess that did happen!), or the annual new Call of Duty release… Hunting Season! Bow to be specific. Truthfully though, my luck during bow season is horrific – I typically put in a lot of hours with little to no result. The last two years were some of the only shots I’ve ever even been able to take comfortably, and what happened? Two years ago I pulled the shot, and the one last year was walking, and at the point where I thought I had an open, clear shot… I clipped a twig with the arrow, and the deer was long gone.

This past Saturday I was sure to get in some practice time, but just because I’m knocking center on the target from 45 yards away doesn’t mean I’ll hit that deer. Fingers crossed for a better year this year!

October 25th is the Opening of Raccoon Trapping Season, and November 10th is the Opening of Beaver Trapping – something I’m really excited to get into this year along with additional small game hunting that I’ll partake in every year. Farm to table is great, but Field to table is even better.


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