Good to be out in the field

After a seven day state mandated vacation (thanks to the rona’), it was good to get out hunting. Unfortunately, the only thing I got was wet this weekend. It seems the only days I can get out are the rainy ones so far, hopefully this upcoming weekend will present a little change in luck.

These were our coldest days of the year so far, and while I was dressed for the rain, the 40 degree morning didn’t mix too well, so Saturday after a few hours I packed out, grabbed a cup of coffee from a little shop a few miles away, and dried out a bit. I went back out for another couple of hours, but the rumbling of the thunder told me that it was time to call it.

Sunday was decidedly better weather wise with only a few spurts of rain early on in the morning, and sun shining through the rest of the day

Fortunately I wasn’t just staring at the trees as the deer were running pretty rampant – between Saturday and Sunday I counted 14, and heard two more that I was unable to ever get eyes on. From the snorting and huffing I’m almost certain that they were bucks, and as much as I would like to mount some antlers on the wall, it’s not the antlers that fill the freezers.

Rainy Morning
Soaked Moab


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