Having a successful hunt is ideal, packing the freezer with venison, and significantly decreasing your grocery bill is what you want… especially this year… but even when it doesn’t go well, you see nothing, and all you’re doing is sitting, or wandering for hours, it’s about getting out, putting on some miles, and disconnecting. I’m sure you’re laughing at this saying, “If you’re disconnecting, then why was your phone out taking pictures?”

A) My service here, especially in these pockets where I like to sit, is virtually non-existent, which is exactly what you want

B) I think the camera at this point is the only reason that I keep a smartphone anymore, and I like taking pictures

Averaging about three miles per hunting day, and following that up with a nice long dog walk, that tends to help make up for the trend of lack of everyday exercising that I often begin to slip into around the holidays.

Enjoy some highlights from the season, and over the next few weeks we’ll get back to some of our not-so-regularly scheduled programming that hits the backburner during the hunting seasons – there will probably be a little more of this content as there are still about two months left in a lot of small game and trapping seasons..


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