Raise you hand if you, too, have tapped into your Hamvention funds to supply another hobby

I’ll admit it, I’ve dipped into my Dayton fund… the downside of having so many hobbies and activities that you enjoy is that when you have one where you create yourself a decent annual fund for making that trip to spend money on things you probably don’t need, sometimes your interest in another starts to kick up, and you feel like since that’s one you don’t spend as much on often, you can skim money from one hobby to another. Luckily one piece of this is multifaceted at least! 

I knew that I wanted to do more with Photography again, and it’s been about a year since I’ve done much with it in general. I’ve been considering a new camera, but my computers have been just getting so slow and difficult to edit on, I realized that it was time that I dropped a little coin on getting a new PC. My main desktop, which was originally only purchased to run a handful of radio apps but had become an editing machine was a 16-year-old HP Intel Core 2 Quad powered computer. I’d upgraded it to about 6gb of RAM from the original 3gb, but it took forever to complete any rendering, and processing. The iPad is great for editing on the go, or posting photos to this site and/or social media, but when you want to do some power editing, it’s just not enough

After some looking around, I ordered a small form factor refurbished HP Elitedesk with an 8th Generation i5, and 32gb of RAM through Sage Sustainable Electronics. I’m glad then, because when I went to boot up the old one the same day I received the new one, it no longer would boot. With this, I also cashed in some points to put towards a 60hz 29” LG Ultrawide monitor to replace the 22” Dell Widescreen that I’d had since 2009. 

Now… we’re golden… and extra bonus? I can run some of my Steam games from it that I purchased for the MacBook years ago, not to mention the Master Chief Collection! But I digress… I now have a PC that will function for not only the photo and video editing that I want to get done, but also will allow me to run the side business of converting photos and home videos more efficiently, and it will support all other applications that I want to run without struggling. 

I was wholly expecting to spend a lot more on this, I was initially thinking a $900 budget for the computer and monitor (we haven’t had Dayton in two years, so the fund kept rolling), but I got out for just about $400 (thank you discount codes and points), so I decided to look on to cameras. iPhone’s have fantastic cameras, yes, and I’ve written about that before putting some point and shoot’s side by side with an iPhone, and time and time again the iPhone will run away with it, but SLRs and Mirrorless offer more flexibility and customizability, and the one that I’ve had on loaner for the last five years was over ten years old when I started using it, and the technology in them has come far in that time, so I did some poking around Amazon and eBay, and wound up ordering a Canon 2000D (T7) in a full kit with a bag, three lenses, filters, and a handful of other accessories for the balance of my allotment.  

If you’ve been following my page, you’ve probably noticed the increase in Photography posts in the last week – going from only weekly long-form posts to sporadic photo posts throughout the week too. I’ll write a full review on the camera after a few weeks of using, but I’m really liking it so far, and hope to keep those posts coming.  

Fun fact that not a lot of people know: Of the three university programs I was considering back when I was looking at colleges, I almost went to school for photography… I just never took the time to put together a portfolio. 


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