Welcome Back!

Well… as the title states, welcome back to the page! June VHF was the last post that made the page (just about three months ago), and frankly after finally having a year of normalcy, this summer was bound to be a busy one to make up for lost time – and as such, the page took a back seat. I kept having ideas, but never had the time to sit down and get pen to paper… is that term still valid here? But I digress.

As we move into fall, I have some fun upcoming projects that I’ll be documenting – I mentioned a rover rebuild, and had ordered a new roof bars, and a rack for travel that was hopefully going to get me on the air for September VHF, however the bars didn’t fit, and had to be returned. While I did get the hitch installed, I’m still working on how to layout the inside of the rover – so between that, a 5k on Saturday morning and feeling like crap the remainder of the day after it, it just didn’t happen for me.

Looking forward though, I was fortunate enough to have added transverters for two new bands – 3400, and 10ghz, and now am just 5.7ghz shy of a full 10 band rover… whenever it’s back up and running that is. I have a dish and feed for 10ghz that I just have to assemble, and am looking at getting a looper for 3400, and those will be in full swing.

From October through Mid-December though, I completely lose interest in just about everything that isn’t being out in the woods or Bills Games – Hunting and Trapping seasons are upcoming, and I’m really looking forward to getting back out for long days on the trails! Last year was my first year trying my hand at Trapping, but I unfortunately didn’t have the amount of time I would have liked to have doing it. I botched my first sets of hides, which luckily only consisted of one raccoon, and one squirrel, so I’m looking forward to getting back at that, and giving it another go!

With any hope, starting today we’ll be getting back to the weekly cadence of posts going live every Wednesday at 6, so keep an eye out! Here’s a little snippet of what’s been up this summer…


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