iPhone 14 Pro

A couple of weeks ago I received my new iPhone – this time I opted for the pro model. Did I need to? Probably not, but I do love some the sheer upgrade in camera that it offered. I have an SLR that I have a lot of fun taking out, going for walks with, shooting landscape scenes, but when I’m just out taking the dog for a walk on the average day, or am on the road going somewhere and a quality photo opportunity happens, it’s great to know that you have something with you that provides an amazing image.

Below you’ll see a few examples just puttering around with the camera in both photo and video modes, settings used are listed in the captions..

Standard Camera Options – focused point to the right of the salami rose
Portrait Mode of Cash
Standard Options
Ultra-Wide Lens
Action Mode – was in a full run with the dog, very little camera shake

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