Calming Down

After a little more time, and a third airlock, things seemed to have calmed down at about the 4 day mark – still plenty of activity going in there though! Temp is hovering at about 65-67 in the Basement at the moment, which is right in the wheelhouse of the recommended temp for this strain of yeast. We’ll be popping it open on 3/2 (10 days from pitch) to take a SG reading – by then I’d guess we’ll be in the 1.015-1.013 range.

Simultaneously, I’m currently brewing a clone kit from a local brewery that’s having a competition to make the closest to their flagship beer. I seem to be a little stuck in the last bit of fermentation on that one, only getting down to about 1.028 at the moment from 1.067 – with a target SG of 1.01. I don’t think it was aerated well enough before pitching the yeast, so I may have a little bit of work to do here… or I can just live with my ABV not quite matching up, and hope that the flavor profile is enough to do it justice, because that’s REAL close to their end product at the moment.


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