Iron Man Gear Beginning to Roll In

We’re about 11 weeks until race day for the Ironman 70.3, and gear is starting to roll in for this race. A little over a week ago I received by pedals and clip in shoes that I was excited to try out.. The pedals are Shimano SPD configured, with only two pins – something that’s traditionally more of a setup for Mountain Biking, however I ordered these due to them being a hybrid flat pedal, meaning when I want to just take my bike across town I don’t have to get saddled up into my new Pearl iZumi cycling shoes, I can still just bike in my sneakers easily.

I got out for a test ride in these and was plesantly surprised, it only took a minute to adjust to the method of snapping into a pedal, when stopping a quick twist of the foot disconnected them and my foot was firmly on the ground – nice at a stop sign. I did have them slip out once or twice due to my foot positioning, something that I feel like I’ll adjust to over time. I took my bike into a local shop to have them put the pedals on and adjust the back cassette for me, however in the process they munged the front gear cable, so I wasn’t able to shift as high as I should be able to on this bike, and I’ll have to take it back in to have that fixed prior to getting out too much more this week.

Now more recently, I’ve ordered my short wet suit and tri suit for competition, unlike the pedals and shoe clips, these are things I’m not too sure I’ll be practicing in for the duration of my trainingremaining at this point. I can feel the time ticking down for this one though, and am excited to give this competition a go!


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