5 Years?

In similar fashion to my 100 posts surprise, it’s hard to believe that I started this page five years ago at the beginning of June. Some of the early posts that I wrote are just absolutely horrific to go through as they were more rants about something… I even had one post that said I was going to rant in the title (looking back, maybe I should’ve started a podcast instead).

The COVID year(s) definitely helped provide me some additional time to write as I had abbreviated work days and therefore extra time for projects, and reading about topics of interest to spark post topics. Mostly I think that as the time’s gone on with this page, while the topics have varied all over the place, it’s allowed me to take deeper dives and analysis into what I’m doing and improve upon it – the Rover for example.

When I started this page I had little more than a couple of Moxons off of my Jeep bumper… except for that one time I used a full sized, 14 element beam – overkill by the way. But as time’s gone on, I’ve written about what I’ve done, and brainstormed on how to improve, and with a little… okay… a lot… of help from others who’ve read my ‘public journal’ type posts on the subjects and seen my desire to improve, it’s gotten me to consistently perform as a top 10 Rover for our division. Not to mention in that time, I think the quality of writing has improved a little bit.

Amateur Radio hasn’t been the number one topic as of late – I wanted to take on some more physical challenges, with the Back-to-Back Half Marathons, Full Marathon, and my first ever Triathlon; going at a Half Ironman Distance nonetheless. While Radio’s still been in there I’ve also taken to publishing more about my other hobbies such as Homebrewing and Photography, the former of which I usually spend a lot of time doing throughout the year and was surprised to see that I hadn’t posted anything about prior to last year.

On the note of Amateur Radio, there will be a gap in the VHF Contest Content this June as I will not be participating in this contest. I, unfortunately, misread the calendar when booking a fishing trip last year, and assumed that the contest would be the following weekend! Oh well – it happens! I think that means that I have to participate in September’s Contest this year to make up for the lack of Radio Activity!

I don’t have many plans for changes this page, for once I’m not scheming to improve upon it or try something different because I actually like the way this has flowed. I am hoping to get back to more regular weekly posts as the months roll on though!

Thanks to all that read consistently, or have read intermittently since 2018!


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