January VHF 2019


Paused on the ride from FN02 to FN12


The View around 6pm from FN12


Quick Burst of Microwave contacts after bumping into a fellow club member on the way home – we had missed these earlier at our grid blitz when I was having issues getting the equipment running


Just before shutting down in FN12


Rochester VHF Group Grid Blitz *can’t remember what grid I was in during this photo*


After pausing for the evening after Saturday – had to shovel the foot of snow that fell in the time I was away


-1 Degree before Wind Chill, stepped outside to attempt 2304 contact utilizing go box style setup lent to me


The Road in FN02 on the way home

The weather in this contest in the area, road closures, travel bans, snow storms we haven’t had quite to this intensity in a couple years, etc. made this probably one of the most fun contests I have ever participated in. It also reinforced why I always will have a vehicle with 4WD or AWD while living in this area.