June VHF 2018


Moxon Array used in my temporary setup for the June contest – the 6m antenna crumbled fairly quickly unfortunately.


Getting dark here, but this is the view from FN02, Werner Rd. in Attica, NY


Setup in FN13 – antennas for 2m/440, 220, 900, and both a beam, and mag mount for 1296


View from FN13 – Woodcliff Office Park in Victor, NY


Inside of the vehicle running FT8 – 6m opening wasn’t quite there yet, but kept an eye on it

This contest I was just lucky to get on the air somehow – my vehicle had died, and the other car that I had been borrowing for the time just wasn’t conducive to a temporary rover setup. Thanks to my Dad, N2OA, who operates as a home station for the VHF contests, and let me borrow his vehicle to get on the air as the rover I’ve become accustomed to being!