Feedback and Suggestions

June will officially mark four years of having maintained this site, and it’s really changed in that time. I had started this a photo blog back in 2014, let it go by the wayside, and lost the site, and decided in 2018 that I wanted to recreate a site of my own instead of always posting everything to social media. I had taken a much deeper dive into Amateur Radio contesting, but also had some photo work that I really wanted to continue with, and this allowed for a space to share that in a much more long-form method that if people really wanted to follow what I’m doing, they had the option to click through and read indepth, or just keep scrolling without taking up giant chunks of their feeds.

In the time since I’ve started this back up, I’ve accrued a pretty consistent follower base, and starting this year I’m going to be adding the original blog concept of photography back in some more. Those posts seem to attract a broader audience, and earn more interaction, which I appreciate.

With that being said though, what would be some additional content that you’d be interested in? Is there a format that you’d prefer? Use that comment section, or tweet me @K2ET_WNY!


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