Post Number 50 (Actually 51)!

Well, I’ve been busy… not necessarily on this, otherwise Post 50 probably would have happened a while ago… actually it happened last week, this is Post Number 51 actually, but that’s because another post relating to wearables snuck in there when I didn’t expect it. I get into these modes where I can rant about virtually anything… sometimes coherently! The way this Blog has worked over the last year is that I have posts that I kind of work on at various times, and usually there are 15-20 drafts of random thoughts I have about some topic, but as it goes on, I’ll usually kill half of them before I get far with the topic, and then maybe 1/3 of those will just sit there to work on over time and I’ll forget about them, and then whatever is left may eventually get published – those that I deem “good enough” are usually scheduled for publishing the upcoming Wednesday at 6pm. This is a neat outlet if you’re interested in topics that people usually don’t want to talk about… or you just want to get ranting about many things.

If you’ve read more than one of these, you likely know that there are a lot of little facets of hobbies that I’m interested in. Technology always seems to be the way that a lot of these go, I’ve always loved it, and I think that’s partially why I never went that avenue for a career – that old saying, “Do what you love, and never work a day in your life,” well, I’ve never believed that. If what you love, becomes something you have to do, eventually you’re going to get sick of doing the same things all of the time, and will drop it either as a hobby, or as a career. Growing up I always wanted to be a chef, because I just loved everything about cooking, and food. While I’m not a chef, I think I’ve finally found a nice little groove in the food service industry without burning myself out on cooking all of the time. If you go to work and cook all day, what’s one of the last things you want to do when you come home? Cook Dinner.

This goes for the writing, too. While there were probably other areas that I could have explored, such as Tech or Food Journalism (talk about a field where finding work is real tough!), in the modern age, why not create your own page, rely on your 100 or so (consistent) readers you’ve somehow accumulated to hopefully click some ad’s, and just write articles about what you want to talk about? Someone may have the same train of thought!

Well, in the little over a year that this page has been going, as I said above, I have a handful of RSS and Email Subscribers, some of my Twitter followers will open it up dependent on the topics, and… well… that whole AD revenue thing isn’t quite working out, but it was worth a shot. It’s tough to consistently find topics that you can write a decent post about, which is why tech reviews, or radio contests tend to be the meat of this page.

Thanks to those that have read, and while I don’t always post consistently, it’s amazing I’ve kept it going this long! Let’s see if we can go 50 more without any more than a 3 month gap in there!


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