Rover Flashback Friday!

So, I’m away prepping for the June VHF Contest right now (yes, this post is an automated posting I typed up last night), but a few days ago I was flipping through some photos, and happened across my first attempted rover setup from June 2015 – I’ve written about how I got to where I am today, still a modest setup to be sure, with a bit of borrowed equipment in use, but looking at the three antenna setup I used to use is still pretty funny. Borrowed Fiberglass Mast pieces secured by bungee cord to the front grille of my Jeep with Gorilla tape holding the antennas on, and a 6m dipole going from the top of the mast to the tree (not pictured here), and nothing but an HT and Duck for 223. While I’m still FM only on 223, I am using a better, horizontally polarized antenna, and a mobile rig with 10w.

But it was nowhere near as bad as June 2016!!! A broken rear window Thursday before the contest when I was replacing the window hinges. Sure, the antennas, and method of securing them were a whole lot better, but winding up with broken glass everywhere certainly made up for it..

Definitely looking forward to getting this rig rolling though!


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