June 2021 Contest – K2ET/R QRV

It seems like every personal page you read starts with a “sorry for being inactive for a while,” or, “it’s been a while since I last posted,” well, this is no different – mostly because of a few other things I’ve been into lately. Really hoping to get more consistent again to justify keeping the domain if nothing else! But, that’s not what this post is about. K2ET/R will be QRV this weekend for the June contest – though a little more relaxed effort than the last few years. While I’ll be active on 50-2304, my timetable will be a little more sporadic: 


1400 – 1700 FN02VU 

1800 – 2100 FN13GB 


0600 – 0800 FN12AU (potentially, but probably not) 

0830 – 1130 Off Air  

1200 Grid Blitz 

1430 – 1700 FN12AU  

1700 – 2100 FN03WA 

As much as I’d like to get right on at 0600 on Sunday, I’m just not seeing it happen – I’m running a 5k that morning (poor planning on my part), and unless someone wants to log for me /P while I run, I’m just going to get the extra rest in the morning.  

I’m torn on running digital modes, however due to putting myself in a time bind when it comes to operating, I may run them just to try and snag some additional multipliers. I’m not taking this effort too seriously, but am looking forward to getting the /R station on the air for a couple of days! 


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